Sources & Thanks

Numerous books have been published about the 1936 Olympic Games, especially in recent years. Far less is published about the Olympic village, but fortunately there are some books about it. The following books, newspapers and magazines were indispensable when writing these texts and especially to gain a better understanding of the games and the village.

  • Wolfgang Fürstner, der erste Kommandant des Olympisches dorfes. Militärhistorische Untersuchungen, Band 10, Roland Kopp, 2009

  • Dorf des Friedens, das Olympische Dorf, Hans Saalbach, 1936

  • Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, 20.8.1936 Erlebnisse der Liechtensteiner Olympiamannschaft in Berlin,

  • Das Olympische Dorf 1936 im Wandel der Zeit, Susanne Dost, Verlag Bernd Neddermayer, 2004

  • Das Olympische Dorf von 1936 : Planung, Bau und Nutzungsgeschichte. Emanuel Hubner. The most comprehensive book on this topic.
  • Official report XITH Olympic games Berlin 1 9 3 6, Organisationskomitee für die XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936 E. V.. Published by Wilhelm Limpert

  • Olympia Zeitung, newspaper, number 1 till 30, 1936

  • Hoe wij Berlijn zagen, G.H.Wallag en G.E. Van der Werff jr. September 1936

  • Olympia in Berlin, Amateurfotografen sehen die Olympische Spiele 1936. Emanuel Hübner, Morisel Verlag 2017

  • Olympia 1936, Trügerischer Glanz eines mörderischen System. Alexander Emmerich. Edition Fackelträger, 2011

  • Berlin 1936, Oliver Hilmes
  • La Blanquirroja - Peru's forgotten heroes of Olympic Football, Volker Kluge

Movies & documentaires :

  •  Race, 2016, on Jesse Owens
  •  Der Traum von Olympia, 2016, about the  commander Fürstner of the village and the Jewish high jumper Gretel Bergmann who in the end was not allowed to participate.
  • Olympic pride, American Prejudice: a documentary about the black USA atletes. 


Thanks to:

  • AGON SportsWorld GmbH, where I bought a number of documents and answered my questions about Owens's gold medal.
  • Andy, for scans of a 1936 booklet
  • Jan Bejsovec, guide in the village, who kindly answered my many questions and helped me with photos
  • Paul van Gool of the Athletics Historians website for some photos and other information.



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