Above: in front of Wiesbaden house.
Below: view of an avenue.

Above: A weightlifter shows his skills.
Below: in front of the main entrance. There were several shops located, which could also be visited by non residents of the village. Some atlethes talk with a lady.

I was able to buy a photo album through a militaria site. This had belonged to a Wehrmacht soldier deployed as Funker in the Olympic village. He was an employee at the telephone exchange and had the opportunity to walk around the village and take pictures. His daughter was born during his stay there. His wife was kind enough to send a card with the happy message and a photo.

Above: German sprinters training.
Below: The Halle der Nationen in the reception building.

Above: Argentinian fencers.
Below: in front of Haus Schneidemühl, named after a city nowadays called  Pila in Poland