The swimming pool (Schwimmhalle) measures 12 by 25 meters and has two springboards at 2 and 3 meters height. There were also a sauna, bathtubs, massage rooms, hairdresser and changing rooms in the building. The most special is the glass window on one of the long sides of the swimming pool, which can be raised electrically so that the bath is open. A special feature, then and even now. The heating was done with what we now call district heating, which at the time was also very modern, but the Russians did not get it working and never used it. In 1993 a fire destroyed the roof of the building and after that it was largely inaccessible. In 2011 the roof and the roof covering were repaired. Although the building nowadays mainly makes a desolate impression, it is still easy to imagine what it looked like in the heyday.