Bastion & Sauna

The Bastion no longer exists today. In fact, it was a bit of a boisterous name for an idyllically located open-air bar on wooden posts and with a thatched roof. The villagers could gather here for a drink, as long as it wasn't alcohol. Next to it was a deepened section, designated in the terminology of the time as Thingplatz. Here the village orchestra played its daily tune during the Olympiad. In 1944 the building was damaged by a crashed English plane and demolished afterwards.

Another building was the sauna. It was a simple wooden building, idyllically situated on the banks of a lake. In those days, taking a sauna was not as common as it is today, so the 'Finnische Dampfschwitzbad' attracted attention. In the lake and in the village itself, animals were released during the games, mainly (water) birds borrowed from the Berlin zoo. Together with the squirrels and storks, this provided a peaceful natural environment
In the Russian era the lake was largely closed, but recently dug open again. All kinds of dirt and junk came out, but also a small railway wagon that was used during the construction of the village. It can now be seen in the Hindenburghaus.